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Make the difference, one life at a time: be an Isipho Angel!

Make the difference, one life at a time: be an Isipho Angel! crede profondamente nello spirito di condivisione della community, perché… Sharing is caring!
Grazie al sostegno delle International Ambassador Daniela Fasano e Carla Stefanut e di tutta la community, sosteniamo il Progetto Internazionale di solidarietà Isipho, naturalmente insieme al nostro charity partner Cifa Onlus.

Isipho AngelL’obiettivo è quello di sostenere la formazione di una futura Assistente di direzione del Sud Africa e aiutarla a realizzare il suo sogno. Il progetto è ambizioso ma giorno dopo giorno, goccia dopo goccia, sappiamo che possiamo farcela. La generosità della community ci ha già fatto raccogliere oltre 800 Euro!

Le nostre International Ambassador hanno intervistato Anel Martin, una delle direttrici di Isipho Admin, associazione promotrice della campagna fondi.

Quoting Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This is one of the strongest convincement of your iconic former President. Can we say ISIPHO stems from this convincement?

This is absolutely true and is definitely a massive corner stone and inspiration of this project. Zelda La Grange, the former assistant to Nelson Mandela, is also the patron of our project.

Teri Wells and I also decided to start the project because of the major unemployment in South Africa which is affecting the youth and women in particular. We became tired of everyone complaining and no one stepping up to do anything or help anyone. We knew we would have to start small and in our own backyards but we had a vision of making an impact and at the start of year three with support from friends, business’ and PA organisations around the world we have truly started to change lives for the better.

Isipho is widely recognized internationally among EAs and PAs Association and Communities. Can you just tell your experience with other Associations/communities out of South Africa?

We have had support from various individuals and EA communities and our friend and fellow director Lucy Brazier has been instrumental in supporting us with fundraising at her ES Live events across the globe. Not only helping us raise the funds but also raise the awareness to people and organisations that we would never have been able to reach directly.

Training is fundamental but also basic accessories are in need for ISIPHO students: could you tell us what you usually provides to students?

We provide students with tuition fees, books, stationery and a laptop on loan for the year. We also support them (when finances allow) with data, transport costs and any emergency assistance that they may require. We dream of being able to supply the students with housing/transportation funding one day because for most of them their current living situation is very dire and in our opinion, being able to support them more financially would ensure a higher success rate.

Our team are all unpaid volunteers, we fund our website and any many other activities out of our pockets to ensure that all donations reach and benefit the students.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa
ISIPHO started out 2 years ago as a group of very committed and passionate assistants who wanted to make a difference, no matter how small. The goal is to tackle economic and educational problems by changing just one person’s life at a time. How many lives ISIPHO changed? How many “drops in the ocean” ISIPHO put?

In year one we were able to get three students educated and all of them are employed full time now. Last year we had an intake of three and they will be graduating officially in June, after which our support of them finding employment will begin. On the 12th February this year our next three students started at college. As a small team with limited finances we often feel like 3 students per year is not enough but in South Africa we know that when you change one person’s life and make them economically active it has a direct impact on their household, their community and society as a whole.

One of the MOST heartwarming things for us is that Lerato, (one of our first students) now contributes monthly to Isipho from her salary. She feels the need to pay it forward and this is the kind of gesture that keeps us focused and moving forward.