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Best Practices for Running a Successful Board Meeting

A successful board meeting is a combination between planning, preparation and execution. Board meetings can take a significant amount of time, but they are vital to a company’s growth. With this in mind it’s essential to ensure that boards are able to maximize their interactions by implementing best practices that enable effective decision-making.

Start and End at the same time

It’s no secret that a lot of board meetings begin late and last longer than they should. It’s essential that meetings begin promptly and end in time to minimize the amount of fatigue from meetings.

Set Priorities for the Meeting

It is not uncommon to get sidetracked in board meetings with new topics of discussion that can cause a waste of meeting time. To avoid this, prioritize two important issues that must be discussed and limit each discussion to 30 minutes. This will keep the meeting productive and focused on the most important issues.

Distribute Directors with the Board Pack in Advance

By distributing the agenda for the board and materials for the meeting in advance the members can be prepared and arrive on time at the meeting.

Evaluate Your Meetings

Each year, a few times Each year, hand each board member sticky notes at the conclusion of the meeting and ask them to write an “+” for what’s working well and a “-” to indicate what could be improved. This provides the leadership with honest feedback and will lead to better board meetings going forward.